The development and testing of a new method of qualitative analysis of the microstructure quality, for example of steel AISI 321 subjected to radial shear rolling





The work is devoted to the problem of quantitative evaluation of the microstructure on the example of work with the TEM study of ultrafine-grained (UFG) austenitic steel for use in nuclear power. The material was obtained by radial-shear rolling and has different features of the structural structure of the cross section (from the periphery to the center), which makes it relevant to the correct assessment of the microstructure, taking into account all the features. This is difficult to do correctly, using only existing simple methods (average grain size, degree of grain misalignment, phase ratio) and most importantly, the results can not always be compared with each other. For a more objective and unambiguous assessment of different types of microstructure, a new qualimetric technique for quantitative quality analysis was developed.