Highly Accurate COVID-19 Detection Test Based on Clinical Measurements





Growing number of COVID-19 cases across the globe is placing an intolerable burden on the medical centers all over the world and unfortunately, the healthcare system of Qazaqstan is no exception. The main goal of this project is to develop fast and accurate classification models to differentiate healthy individuals and people with influenza-like illnesses from COVID-19 victims. This will alleviate the pressure on healthcare services and test laboratories as on-site testing will be possible that will avoid the need for transportation and time for analysis of the blood samples. The identified infected patients can be quarantined immediately, which, in turn, will minimize the probability of rapid spread of the virus. The biomarkers of these patients will be used to further identify the level of disease severity. Early adoption of decisive measures with regard to severely infected patients will ensure timely and adequate provision of medical treatments to prevent lethal outcomes.