Characterization of Microcystis spp. evolution in LMWE-mesocosm global change experiment using Imaging Flow Cytometry and Molecular Phylogeny approaches.





Global warming leads not only to the extinction of many species but also to the flourishing of others. One such species is Microcystis spp., which uses warm temperatures and nutrients from human activities to conquer water bodies. It releases toxins which leads to harmful algal blooms in the aquatic world and strongly affects freshwater food chains. We study such cyanobacteria using methods of molecular biology and imaging flow cytometry. The first aim is to characterize the evolution of Microcystis colonial morphospecies in the LMWE-mesocosm experiment (May-October 2019) using the Flowcam imaging flow cytometer. Secondly, a molecular biological method for identification and differentiation of Microcystis spp. will be developed using DNA barcoding, which can be applied in the analysis of Microcystis spp evolution in mesocosm experiment.