Thermal vision camera equipped drone for predictive maintenance of grid sub-stations





Overheating at various power system components like transformers, circuit breakers, insulators or others causes a fault at the power systems and may potentially lead to a failure of the system. Such faults are costly and repairment actions will take a lot time, effort and budget of the company. Therefore, it is preferable for power companies to solve the issue beforehand [10]. Furthermore, early identification of overheating process can prevent problems of overvoltage and prevent from fire or explosion before they happen. In the worst- case scenario, it is cheaper to conduct repairment before equipment reaches the point of no return. Today such maintenance works are usually conducted by humans. With intent of automatization and avoiding potential hazards that can damage human, UAV devices can be used instead. Drones will be more reliable, efficient, and less time-consuming in detecting the overheated sections. Moreover, drones can reach places which are unavailable for humans.