uidemiz.kz shares scientific information about COVID-19 , interviews, and tips in Kazakh





The coronavirus outbreak was recognized as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Despite the importance of the pandemic, the majority of the population in Qazaqstan was not ready for this event and did not take it seriously. The reason for that is the lack of verifiable information from reliable sources in Kazakh on the internet. New research works related to COVID-19 are published and shared among the researchers, however, the information is in English. Therefore, our project will focus on launching a website uidemiz.kz that will contain easily readable blogs and videos with reliable information in Kazakh about the pandemic. We will use newly uploaded information from international scientific sources related to viruses, diagnostics such as different types of test systems, prevention in other countries, which have succeeded in preventive measures against COVID-19 such as Japan, Singapore, etc. Information will be paraphrased for the general audience. Additionally, the website will include various interviews, links to volunteering events, chats for volunteers, and various tips during the quarantine. Finally, we believe that giving scientific information, interviews, and tips in Kazakh will have an impact on creating awareness and preventive measures, reduce the spread of false information about COVID-19 in Qazaqstan.