The design of compact antenna incorporated with Electromagnetic Band Gap array for Wireless Body Area Network





Nowadays, the health state of the elderly and infants require constant monitoring. This situation calls for the system that tracks the vital indicators of patients such as Wireless Body Area Network. It is the radio-frequency (RF) based system of interconnected tiny nodes of sensors and actuators that are placed near a human body. They measure vital indicators such as blood pressure and heartbeat. The obtained data is then transferred to a base station where it is analyzed. For wireless data transfer, WBAN usually deploys an antenna. However, most of them have a broadside radiation pattern which makes them inapplicable when data should be transferred along the body. That is why there is a special need in the end-fire antenna, i.e. antenna that can work in the direction parallel to the body. This project, therefore, presents a compact end-fire antenna operating at both MBAN & WBAN frequencies. It covers 2.25 GHz - 2.6 GHz. The fabricated antenna demonstrates a gain of 4.1 dB and radiation efficiency of 81% which is better compared to existing antennas designed on the FR4 substrate. Furthermore, the size is the smallest among the known works.