A machine learning-based approach to the identification of key material failure modes of the process facilities

Green and fast synthesis of mesoporous silica nanoparticles coated with nanosilver as antibacterial and photocatalytic agent

An integrated approach for risk management of HAZMAT transportation: Use of Quality Function Deployment method

Analysis of machine learning methods that allow the generation of novel molecules with desired properties using existing databases of known molecular compounds

Driver Cognitive Load Estimation and Accident Prevention System using Deep Learning

Polyacrylonitrile coated Li2MnO3 cathode material for lithium ion batteries shares scientific information about COVID-19 , interviews, and tips in Kazakh

Enhancement of emergency response by 3D printing of medical supplies and materials

The design of compact antenna incorporated with Electromagnetic Band Gap array for Wireless Body Area Network




Highly Accurate COVID-19 Detection Test Based on Clinical Measurements

Дизайн логических элементов с помощью микрокольцевых резонаторов на основе кремниевой фотоники

Investigation of the role of senescence-associated receptor- like kinase (AtSARK) under salinity stress

Thermal vision camera equipped drone for predictive maintenance of grid sub-stations

Characterization of Microcystis spp. evolution in LMWE-mesocosm global change experiment using Imaging Flow Cytometry and Molecular Phylogeny approaches.

Silver nanocomposites for the catalytic reduction and the photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants in water

Проектирование, изготовление и реализация двухколесного самобалансирующегося автомобиля

The effect of microtubule disruption on cell attachment dynamics

Fiber optic based strain sensing medical needle for epidural anesthesia

Tailoring novel deep eutectic solvents for efficient CO2 capture: a molecular dynamics perspective

Robot-Mediated Therapy (RMT) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Hardware-software co-design approach for implementing reconfigurable convolutional neural networks on hybrid FPGA platforms

Синтез наностержней оксида цинка регулируемого размера для фотокаталитического разложения органических загрязнителей

Analysis of the polarized emission of the interstellar medium and study of the magnetic field structure of the Magellanic Clouds galaxies with the Planck satellite survey data

Конституционная палата Кыргызской Республики: судебная власть Конституционного суда в Кыргызстане

Intelligent Vibration Analysis System for Induction Motors

Co-firing of coal and biomass under air and oxy-fuel environments in fluidized bed rig

Risk-based Management of Produced Water discharges in Oil and Gas operations

Analysis of packing structure of fiber-reinforced asphalt compact

Relive rehabilitation platform

Design of Wilkinson Power Divider with filtering response for 5G application

Structure-guided CCL5 Mutagenesis to Generate Affinity-Increased CCR5 Ligand as the Potential Therapeutic Approach for CCR5 Blockade

Synthesis of LiBaZrOx ceramics with a core-shell structure

Analytics of Heterogeneous Breast Cancer Data Using Neuroevolution

Ultra-High Aspect Ratio InP Junctionless FinFETs by a Novel Wet Etching Method