Abdikenov Beibit




Основатель компании Relive Research. Цель проекта - расширением функции нейрореабилитационной роботизированной платформы при помощи искусственного интеллекта.


Ultra-High Aspect Ratio InP Junctionless FinFETs by a Novel Wet Etching Method
High work-function metals such as Ni, Pt, and Au in the form of multilayer structures, Ni/Au and Ni/Pt/Au, have been investigated as Schottky metallizations on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures under thermal annealing. As-deposited Ni/Pt/Au had slightly higher Schottky barrier height than its Ni/Au counterpart. Schottky barrier heights for Ni/Au diodes on AlGaN/GaN increased by about 20% from 1.02 eV for as-deposited to 1.21 eV after annealing at 500.

Brain–computer interface and assist-as-needed model for upper limb robotic arm
Post-stroke paralysis, whereby subjects loose voluntary control over muscle actuation, is one of the main causes of disability. Repetitive physical therapy can reinstate lost motions and strengths through neuroplasticity. However, manually delivered therapies are becoming ineffective due to scarcity of therapists, subjectivity in the treatment, and lack of patient motivation.

Evolutionary Optimization using Equitable Fuzzy Sorting Genetic Algorithm (EFSGA)
This paper presents a fuzzy dominance based analytical sorting method as an advancement to the existing multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA). Evolutionary algorithms (EAs), on account of their sorting schemes, may not establish clear discrimination amongst solutions while solving many-objective optimization problems.