Carl Zeiss Crossbeam 540 with GEMINI II Scanning Electron Microscope



ZEISS Crossbeam combines the powerful imaging and analytical performance of a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) column with the superior processing ability of a next-generation focused ion beam (FIB). SEM scans a sample with a focused electron beam analyzing its topography and composition, provides high resolution surface image and superior materials contrast. Microanalysis, elemental and structural characterization is available on SEM with X-Max EDS detector, NordlysMax EBSD detector and EQS-FIB 1000 SIMS detector. Sample preparation can be developed on site and experienced staff is available to assist users with all their requirements. ОТВЕТСТВЕННОЕ ЛИЦО: Tsoy Karina; СРОК СЛУЖБЫ: до 20.01.2030