Kudarova Aliya





Synthesis of LiBaZrOx ceramics with a core-shell structure
The paper presents the results of a study of the phase composition, structural properties, and applicability of perovskite-like ceramics of the LiZrBaOx type obtained by solid-phase synthesis. According to the data of X-ray phase analysis, mapping, and TEM images, it was established that the ceramic structure consists of core-shell particles where the ZrO2 phase acts as the core, and the ZrBa2O4 and Zr2Li6O7 phases are a double shell, one of which is the disordered Zr2Li6O7 shell. The presence of three phases in the structure leads to a sufficiently strong distortion of the crystalline structure, as well as its deformation. In the course of the research, the prospects of using ceramics based on LiZrBaOx as the basis for the cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries were established.